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Q&A with: The Vagina Boss

Updated: Nov 6, 2020

Melissa Eichner, the founder of Downunder There, shares advice for conquering your dreams and empowering your vagina

Melissa Eichner is passionate about the vagina. Strengthening the vagina empowers women while in the bedroom, running errands and probably on your Peloton. The solution for maintaining a strong pelvic floor lies within her innovative vagina tool, the Downunder Pelvic Floor Trainer.

The weight, which is inserted similarly to a tampon, is proven to add an extra dose of confidence after just 15 minutes of "training" per day.

Eichner is no stranger to empowering women. And the first woman she ever empowered was herself when she left a 16-year marriage with three children and arrived in the U.S. for a fresh start and a business in mind. By focusing on helping other women, she helped herself in the process and is now dubbed the official Vagina Boss.

Here, Melissa Eichner shares her secrets to powering through challenging times to conquer negativity and manifest your own success.

You’ve started your career from ground zero. What’s your advice to people who feel helpless right now? Look for examples of what you want to see. If you feel that things are hopeless right now and people are suffering then that is what you will see wherever you go and in all your interactions. If you look for people who are prospering in a time of such uncertainty then you will find yourself surrounded with that evidence. Our reality is only the story we continue to tell ourselves. If you want to change your reality then start telling a different story!

What is strengthening the pelvic floor important? The pelvic floor muscle is not as sexy as a six pack but definitely more important. It is essentially a sling that supports the pelvic organs ( bladder, uterus and bowel). There are several factors that weaken the pelvic floor and a weak pelvic floor can be a problem for all women, not just those who have had babies. Pregnancy, excessive weight, or even just aging are factors that can cause the pelvic floor to weaken. So if you want to keep your uterus, bowel and bladder where they belong. Oh and have stronger orgasms and more lubrication (bonus!) then find a way to strengthen it!

What is the biggest misunderstanding about the vagina?  Revelation! How is it that grown women and men have been calling women's genitals the wrong thing for at least my 45 years on earth? The Vagina is not the whole glorious, life giving mysterious part of a woman's anatomy but according to WebMd's definition,“The vagina is an elastic, muscular canal with a soft, flexible lining that provides lubrication and sensation. The vagina connects the uterus to the outside world.” Was this even taught in health class or was I too busy making penis jokes to hear it? That being said, Vulva  or Labia Boss doesn’t quite roll off the tongue like Vagina Boss so I will probably not be a solution to that anatomy inaccuracy.

How does maintaining your vagina health contribute to your health overall? How our body feels and how we feel about our body is a huge contributor to overall wellbeing and confidence. Being able to sneeze, jump and orgasm with confidence spills over in to all areas of life. As you reduce incontinence, increase sensation you also reduce embarrassing accidents, loads of laundry, and increase satisfaction in the boudoir. You’re welcome!

You’re in the industry of health and self-care. Why is it important, especially for women, to maintain health routines in quarantine and beyond? I have learned so many invaluable lessons through the challenging times in my life that I am forever grateful for. Primarily the lesson is that these uncertain periods in our lives are for reflection and growth. Health in my view is body and mind. In the US we are constantly on the go in work and play, with so many health issues stemming from stress and raised cortisol levels. I see so many women punishing themselves with exercise and a fitness industry that pushes more as better. At 45 I have finally found balance and now do heavy weights with a trainer once a week for half an hour, I walk as often as I can in nature, yoga to calm my mind and meditation to quiet my mind and tune in to my inner guidance system. My trainer encourages me to eat more (clean food of course) and says that most women don’t eat enough, which works against their goals. I look better than I did than in probably any period in my life and am happier than I have ever been. The beautiful girls are the happy girls! So all of that translates to, do less, eat more, get in to nature as often as you can. I promise this very simple formula is life changing!

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