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  • Beth Delany

Neiman Marcus Welcomes Tiziana Terenzi Fragrances

Paolo Terenzi -- whose third-generation fragrance and perfume company reigns from Cattolica, Italy -- made the far trek to Chicago last month as Neiman Marcus celebrated Terenzi's move from the now-defunct Barney's to NM's luxury line of perfume and cosmetics.

"I don't do business," Paolo Terenzi says of his family-run headquarters. Adding, "[In Italy], we are not so focused on business. We are not working for living, [but] living for working."

It's the Terenzi way for customers and clients to feel just as much a part of their family as they do. And the experience inside Neiman Marcus is no different. When asking Terenzi who he markets to or imagines wearing his unique scents, he affirms, "The fragrance chooses you if you have the right soul. For me, it's like creating a poem. Every note is in the right position and you feel in the end, the delivery of the message. This is a moment."

Among Terenzi's wide collection of romantic and mysterious melodic perfumes is a story more than anything. Terenzi's experience as an artist and poet has contributed to his love for beauty and affinity for a worthy experience. "The spirit of history is all around us," Terenzi shares. "We're surrounded by beauties from the past. It's a magical process and I don't follow the rules."

Shop and explore Tiziana Terenzi's line of fragrances at Neiman Marcus today.


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