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  • Beth Delany

How Women Are Turning Their Goals into Inevitable Outcomes with Entropy Organized

Photo: Jennifer Claire Photography

"You have the same amount of hours in the day as Beyoncé," might as well be a quote written by Katie Matusky. The Productivity Expert and founder of Entropy Organized is the best known secret for superwomen everywhere who wish to channel their inner Beyoncé, if you will. Because while there's always going to be 24 hours in the day, it's how we effectively and efficiently use those hours to reach milestones and further our potential. As Matusky says, "Goals are no longer [just] possible, they're inevitable."

It's more than will power, though. Achieving goals and creating inevitable ROI requires thoughtful planning and organization. "This isn't home organization," explains Matusky. We're creating systems to have the life you want."

From aspiring authors and travelers to hustling executives, women are turning to Entropy Organized to live a better life and look forward to tangible results. The clientele of Entropy are "high achievers." Matusky works with superwomen who are "doing awesome on the outside, but are exhausted on the inside." Adding, "We are passionate about making work-life balance a reality for women. We help the imbalances of life for females."

In the span of three months, wishful goal-setters can look forward to a change of pace, but not without hard work to get there. "The first month is most intense and by the third month, [clients] are set up," shares the Chicago resident. In essence, Matusky is your project manager and the project is your life. And your life is not a project to take lightly.

As Matusky points out, women are bogged down by responsibilities. And while we've been taught to not run away from responsibilities, there has to come a time where they're not holding us back either. Matusky points out that "women shoulder 90% of the household responsibilities" whether they're simultaneously balancing a career outside of the home or not.

The results are proof. Women who are more scheduled than before are finding time work out five days a week while others are making conscious steps to traveling the world and leaving their corporate gig in the past. Ready to publish a book? Matusky has success stories to boast about authors who never imagined they'd see their name in print. "It's an operation manual for life," she says. "Why wait until Monday?"

Spring cleaning might be in season, but it's simply always in season to get on the right track for your life. Putting yourself first is okay, and Entropy Organized is the first step to finding the same 24 hours Beyoncé finds -- or in many cases, Sasha Fierce.

If you're ready to pencil in yourself on the to-do list, schedule a consultation with Katie Matusky of Entropy Organized today.


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