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  • Beth Delany

Ethan Allen Debuts First Design Center in Chicago

There's a new design center in town! With several Ethan Allen locations throughout the Chicago suburbs, the longstanding textile and interiors company showed off their new design features at a one-of-a-kind location. The Ethan Allen design center is the first of its kind in Chicago. Wondering what the difference is between the typical Ethan Allen store and its new design center? Ethan Allen's design center in Lincoln Park offers state-of-the-art technology which allows for customers' imaginations to become reality with take-home renderings and thoughtful collaborations alongside interior professionals from EA.

Ethan Allen effectively strips away preconceived ideas of unaccessible design, furniture and custom makings inside their disarming location. Nestled in the heart of New City near North and Clybourn, the center is likely to draw in the ambitious working crowd and young families who are eager to achieve comfortable and functional style.

You might even consider a sit-down at the design center as the perfect wedding gift for newlyweds! Ethan Allen can step in as the thoughtful and creative mediator for combining different styles and tastes, especially when coming together for the first time.

Luxury living really is accessible with Ethan Allen at 1500 N. Halsted.


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