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  • Beth Delany

Don't Miss 'The FRIENDS™ Experience: The One in Chicago'

Relive your 90's sitcom dreams at the largest FRIENDS exhibition to date

FRIENDS fanatics, rejoice! While 2020 has presented a world of unfamiliarity, Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. and Superfly X are providing Chicagoans with a comforting and super fun trip down memory lane. With the most immersive exhibition to date after stops in Boston in New York, Chandler, Phoebe, Monica, Ross, Joey and Rachel's best moments are on display from now through January 3 with The FRIENDS™ Experience at 540 N. Michigan Avenue.

Photo ops are abundant from the moment guests enter the experience with "Monica Clean" sanitizing stations and a spaced out merch store, which is open to the public and non-ticketholders. After guests are assigned to their "quaran-team" groups, an intro film welcomes the New Yorkers for a day as they star in their own opening credits. Find the fountain, take a seat on the orange couch and sing along to "I'll Be There For You" with your crew.

A mecca of more photo ops await once strolling past interactive timelines and encased scripts from the iconic series. Scream, "pivot!" alongside your own roommate and take your turn to poke "Ugly Naked Guy" through Monica and Rachel's balcony window. The most devoted fans will enjoy the uncanny Central Perk corner of the installation which serves as the homey space's grand finale.

Feel right at home -- aka 90 Bedford Street -- throughout this thoughtfully planned display in the heart of the Mag Mile.

Considering that most of us would give anything to escape this year, there could not BE a more perfect time to reunite with your on-screen besties while enjoying with the company of your real ones.

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Click here for the "Monica Clean" health and safety guidelines

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