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  • Beth Delany

Chicago Gets a Little Sweeter Thanks to Maria Sharapova

Picture: Sugarpova

Maria Sharapova sweetened up the city just in time for summer at last week's Sweets & Snacks Expo. The superstar tennis pro founded her premium candy line, Sugarpova, to inspire well-earned rewards for individuals working towards a goal.

Whether it's perfecting a new backhand swing or nailing a slam dunk, people can pack an indulgence of truffles, gummies or chocolate for on-the-go deliciousness. Inspired by her childhood practices and how every mission to accomplish the next goal was outlined with a sweet reward, Sharapova channeled that into her growing candy brand. And because Sugarpova harnesses superior ingredients, it's a sweet aftertaste snackers can feel good about.

During Sharapova's Chicago trip this time around, the athlete and entrepreneur made her way to the city's most notable landmarks to spend time with fans and meet some fellow sweet-toothed candy lovers.

To land some sweet treats of your own, visit!


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