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  • Beth Delany

Chicago Fashion Influencer Jennifer Lane Advises, Don't Throw Away That Unworn Skirt

Photo: Jennifer Lane

For Chicago blogger and influencer Jennifer Lane, a "passion for fashion" has been the driving force behind her career so far.

Born in Lincolnwood, Illinois and then moving to the East Coast to study communications at Syracuse University, the popular Instagrammer started blogging three years ago after a nudge from her husband. What started out as daily #OOTD selfies grew into a fashion and lifestyle space that's been recognized by notable brands like Anthropologie, Nordstrom, Christian Louboutin, Henri Bendel and more.

Having adopted a New York sense of drive after moving back to Chicago, the sparkling fashionista has found her niche amonsgst an influx of fashion commentators. As far as her signature style goes, Lane describes her vibe as "feminine and classic with a bit of trends, [but] not trendy." Or as the brands previously mentioned might call her style sensibility -- timeless.

Lane's fashion affinity comes into play with her 18-month-old daughter, Madeline, as well. Exploring more wearable pieces and sharing the finds with her almost 200,000 followers, Lane considers the "mommy and me" content an important part of her mission to make sure women are putting their best foot forward -- and it starts in their closet. "Confidence is built in how you feel on the outside as well as the inside," explains Lane. "Outfits bring me confidence. I feel better when I’m dressed verses just wearing lounge pants or typical mom outfit."

Women unleashing their confidence is of course harden done than said. While Lane finds the courage to be confident posing for fashion shoots in the middle of downtown Chicago's Ohio Street, the fashionista suggests that confidence can begin when you're getting dressed every day. Unlike Marie Kondo's method which involves massively overhauling old favorites and trashing unused pieces, Lane reminds women why they've been holding onto something so long in the first place. "That skirt and dress you keep thinking about donating -- try it on, style it, feel great in it," she encourages. Adding, "Psychologically, there's a reason you're keeping that piece. Theres a reason you’re not donating it."

So, don't be afraid to unearth an old dress from the dry cleaning bag or dust off a blouse you swore off years ago. Trends find their way back to us for a reason, don't they?

Follow Jennifer on Instagram at @JenniferLane and stay up-to-date with all things style at


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